NFP. We all know it; and we all hate it. An entire day every month when we're all hesitant to trade the Forex markets.


What is NFP?

Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) is the monthly announcement by the US Department of Labor of the last period's total workforce cost (adjusted for seasonal variation, hence the exclusion of the farm workers, as well as a few other groups). It is commonly read as one of the most important indicators of the state of the US economy. It can have a dramatic effect on all kinds of markets worldwide, but particularly the Forex markets and especially so if the announcement is considerably different from expectations.

So, obviously, we can't sail our trusty trading vessel out safely on such turbulent waters of change ... or can we?

Over my years of trading, NFP has of course been a constant feature. At first it was feared, and I wouldn't even watch the markets on the announcement day, knowing the wild market reactions would be extreme and incomprehensible. I then found myself staring at the charts through the release, and simply gawping at the incredible swings in price levels that occurred in the moments following the announcement. I stayed clear, of course, as the discipline I had instilled in myself when first learning to trade still underpins all my decisions.


Whilst tutoring my students on the AITS course, and despite my best efforts to keep people away from trading news, it became apparent some students were trying to trade this volatile news release. I felt I had a duty of care towards them and so I needed to 'protect them' as it were. But how to do that stumped me and I wasnt sure what to do.

What I did do, though, was start to look backwards. Using the fantastic trade simulator, I was able to revisit the turbulent days, analyse the data and pour over the seemingly wild patterns that occured with the statistic's release, and I began to find what I had always suspected: That which ever way the market reacted to the news, there was a way to profit. Working extensively with a set of data for the previous 12 months, I was able to devise a strategy and apply it further retro-actively to even more historical data.

Now I was thinking this may well be a way to Just limit overall losses for my inexperienced students, those trying to trade NFP. However what I found amazed me. Not only did it work, but it worked almost every time without losses!

And so AITS CC was born.

Trading Safely on NFP Day

Now, obviously you're not going to get rich trading one day a month, but what this method does provide is an additional trading opportunity and - beyond that - the most reliable trading opportunity that I have ever come across. This method is ideal for people who may be trading regularly, but - just as I was - 'shutting down shop' during the NFP 'storm', and waiting for the markets to settle down afterwards before resuming their normal activities. But now you gain immediate, safe access to the 'forbidden fruit' of trading on announcement day. It will shore up your trading opportunities and give you the extra day back, with virtually guaranteed returns.

Starting Out with AITS CC

But there's a great learning opportunity here for beginners too. However you come into trading, it can seem daunting at first. And for many people, they will be wanting to 'dip their toe in' first, without fully committing to a radical change in their lives. Here, my TradeSafeCC provides a fantastic opportunity too. One day a month to experience the thrill, excitement and chaos that trading can at first seem, as well as getting an introduction to the sorts of materials and support that will be available to you if you do decide to commit to becoming a full member of the AITS programme.

For a single, low payment, you will get the trading indicators, all the instruction materials to guide you through trading, and a variety of video and other guidance materials to help you succeed.

You can purchase the AITS-CC bundle for a single, one-time payment for indefinite use (there are no ongoing subscription costs at all) directly through the site, and have immediate access to all the content to get started straight away.


AITS CC is a single purchase product that you can keep using indefinitely for a one-time payment of £69.95 including VAT. You'll receive full training materials, delivered electronically through this site as soon as you've completed payment.

You can pay for your purchase with most debit or credit cards through our payment service provider, Stripe. It's totally secure, and you do not need to create an account with them.

You will be immediately able to access all materials once payment is complete. Simply click below to get started!


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