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Let Me Show You How It Works.

The usual set up for a fund is you join a particular comapny fund and pooli your money with the money of other investors. This  pool of money is then invested in a portfolio of other assets (e.g., stocks, bonds). ... Mutual funds are typically managed by a fund manager, who picks all the investments in the portfolio. Because these funds operate as a business then these funds usually attract a high charge to the investor and the majority of these charges are hidden. The fund may have to pay for administration staff, premises, high regulatory charges, marketing,posh company cars and then the funds basic fee set up. This is usually a 2% charge regardless of profit, and then a 20% performance fee. However the profit is only calculated after the other 'hidden' charges are removed. This is why they usually produce figures of around 5-30% per annum.

With the AITS MA fund you dont pool your money with others in the same way. Using software provided by AITS FX, you have your own seperate account. That account is linked to the fund managers account and each trade he places is replicated onto your account. AITS FX uses a tier 1 liquidity provider and they have their own regulation. This means the AITS MA fund has very low costs, sidestepping the high 'hidden' charges that most other funds have. AITS FX pays any charges to the liquidity provider as part of their business structure so you dont have to. This means you get to benefit from a higher return, by merely placing the trades on your account the fund manager places on his (its all automated so you dont need to worry about it). So in essence, after the initial easy set up, its set and forget.

The AITS MA account works in 3 simple steps:

1. You deposit your investment online.

2. I trade your money.

3. You can check your account in realtime using the software or request an upadate on your returns.

So what"s the catch?

Well, we do take a small charge but ONLY if you make a profit. Here"s an example:

Client deposits £20,000

Month 1 Client makes £1,000 You are billed £300
Month 2 Client makes £0 No bill
Month 3 Client loses £2,000 No bill
Month 4 Client makes £1,000 No bill (the £1,000 has not covered the previous £2,000 loss yet)
Month 5 Client makes £2,000 You are billed £300 (only £1,000 profit after losses covered)

The fees are collected automatically each month - so you don"t have to write out cheques or make bank payments. It"s all done for you!

So what does this mean to you?

Well for a £20,000 account you could make a profit of £20,000 per annum. That is based on an average gross growth of 8%-10% per month profit and minus your software fee.

That is 100%, far higher than any bank. AITS MA is expected to make 5-10% net when at full capacity. And the intention is to turn the £20,000 into £500,000 over the coming 5 years. 

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Grow Your Passive Income By 8-10% Every Month!

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Here are a few of the most common questions I have been asked before.

The  U.S. NFA, CySec and the UK"s FCA, along with the rest of the worlds major financial regulators, requires their members to state that the value of investments can go down as well as up. AITS MA is no different. As with all investements in the first few months there may well be fluctuations. The figures quoted are gudielines only and they may be more or less some months. However, once the account size has doubled you can protect your initial deposit in several ways. With that done, we can continue investing knowing you cannot lose. Your initial investment capital is now fully ring-fenced and safe.

The minimum is £1,000 and the maximum is £50,000. (or the equivalent in your chosen currency) Above £50,000 we encourage you to go into the AITS T21 Global international fund which offers guaranteed returns. Once your Aits MA account reaches £50,000 you may ask to transfer to the T21Global fund. All major currencies are accepted.

Yes, of course you can.

I personally use £ GBP and so thats why I describe the programme in £ GBP. However, the brokerage, AITS FX which hosts the AITS MA programme, can accept your investment deposits in different currencies. These are the British Pound, the Euro, the US dollar, the Australian dollar and even the Japanese yen.

Yes absolutely. All I recommend is you try to leave it is as long as possible to gain maximum profit but, if you want it, you can have it! The only wait you may have is for ongoing trades to be closed and the time the money takes to get to your bank (any outstanding performance fees will be deducted).You will need to provide AitsFX with your proof of ID in order to comply with Anti Money Laundering Laws, which is standard procedure anywhere when dealing with money. All of the details are found on the AitsFX website.Please ensure you read and fully understand the facts. You will be asked by AitsFX to confirm you accept their T&C"s when opening your account and you have to do that in order to proceed. This protects everybody and is common practice the world over.

The most commonly asked question, just like how "long is a piece of string"? Well as mentioned there are no guarantees with the Aits MA account but I would say we can usually be looking at increasing our account by 100% in 12 months (hopefully it will be a lot sooner, but I dont want to raise expectations. I have done it in one month before but, that was high risk!) and dont forget, the faster I get you there, the more I earn! Once we have made 100% return you can decide either to remove the initial investment and leave the profit, starting agin but knowing your initial investment is safe, or you can leave all of the money in your account, with an arrangement that the initial investment is never used for trading so it is now safe from risk. However it will be kept as collateral in the account and allow the account to grow faster. In trading with exponential compounding, as we intend to do, the higher your account balance is at the start, the more you could earn. Once your account has doubled you can contact Aits MA and you can receive instructions on what you may wish to do next.

If I make a loss on my account, then, just as if I had made a gain, the loss is withdrawn from your account. Please be aware there will always be several losses in any account, thats the nature of investing and I have mentioned it above. The object in investing is to ensure the gains exceed any losses. Because I want to be as fair as possible, I have inititated the high water mark basis for charges, as outlined above, so nobody is charged unless all gains exceed any losses.

It can be exciting to have your first investment account opened and it is natural to want to see it grow. However, please remember that in the world of financial investing, patience and discipline are a must. Whilst the figures quoted above are factual, possible and expected, there are no guarantees. If there are no opportunities to take one day, there will be no investing (and sometimes even I have a rest from it, especially during school holdays) so please, don"t expect investments made everyday. Unfortunately I very much doubt you will be able to view trades in real time, it just doesn’t work that way. I know some people have joined with the hope they can mirror trades but it cant be done. This is because I often use a stealth software held on my pc so the banks cannot see where my stops are, thus trying to protect our advantage. It also means you cant see them either. To view trades in real-time means that you would have to sit next to me, which we can facilitate in some circumstances.. If you haven"t seen any transactions on your account for two weeks or more then feel free to contact admin to check all is OK, but otherwise, please remember what I have explained in this section.

Good question so lets be frank; most people have to go out to work! They do not have time to spend 12 months learning to trade and then, even if they have, often they do not have the money to allow them to sit in front of a PC trading large accounts straight away. These things take time and they simply cannot afford the time or money. I am fortunate (and so are you now) in that I have learned to trade and I can sit at a PC trading for me and you! And remember, if people are not part of something this good, they choose to believe it can"t be done or will poo poo the notion; its a sad trait of human nature, but its true. What I am doing has been done several times before. More importantly it happens every minute of the day in financial centres and banks all over the world.

AITS MA is a managed account and so it is not run as a fund or deposit trust. People can dip in and out of the programme and so publishing performance figures as a whole is not accurate or possible. However, it is documented in the public domain that my personal account yields me an average 8% per month. For this reason I am expecting 5% net needed to acheive our goals to be within range. I am not a gung ho trader, hence tradesafe, but I suspect I will have months when I surpass my average. Take a look at the "Trade Your Way to Retirement" excel file here. It shows you how we can get to our goals. Have a play around (remove the monthly outgoings as we will be reinvesting each month and see what happens if I do 10% a month!). You can use it to plan for your other financial goals as well should you wish, but it should give you an idea of what we can realistically expect.

At the end of each quarter you will be sent an email telling you how the account has performed. Alternatively, but it is not necessary, you can download the MT4 platform and view the performance via that method as explained elswhere on this page.

Not everybody has £20,000 cash laying around, I understand that. Thats why we created this programme to help those that dont thave large amounts to invest. The more you have at the start the better your results can be, but, for those who simply dont have that spare money, you can add to the account whenever you wish.

Everybody is responsible for their own taxation, according to the country they live in. The Aits MA programme does not offer nor give advice on taxation, it is the individuals responsibilty to ensure they are within their own countries laws.

AITS MA is not a financial advice organistion. I personally cannot offer financial advice and it is illegal for me to attempt to do so. The brokerage, AitsFX does not offer financial advice. As with all types of investment, if you are not sure then please seek advice from the relevant people.

Once your account has been approved you can either deposit your investment and then do nothing else OR you can download the software provided by AitsFX called MT4. The MT4 software allows you to view in real time what is happening with your account. You are unable to trade with the software as it is merely "read only" (this prevents any accidental investments mistakenly being entered by people) and you will need some knowledge of how to operate the software. Please note that admin cannot teach you how to use MT4. Download information and help with technical or installation issues can be found on the AitsFX MT4 download page, Please use those resources first if you have any issues. The AITS course has a full and comprehensive guide and tutorials on using MT4.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to download the software and just allow the programme to run its course then you can do so. You will be emailed each quarter with an update on the performance of your account, including the percentages placed on your account for that month. 

Yes you can. Unlike most business" who may hide away I encourage people to meet me, to see I am for real. Everybody on the Aits MA programme has the chance to meet me along with members of the school. You can join us at a meet and greet session usually held once a quarter. For more information contact

AITS MA is expected to run for the four to five years it will take to get our investment to a ten fold amount. At that stage, or sooner if things permit, the intention is to open a bank. This will operate on a mutual/not for profit type basis yet to be finalised. The desire to open this bank is in direct response to the need for banking to help those who need help. We want to give out umbrellas when it is raining, not when it is sunny like other banks do. Hopefully this will pave the path for future generations to gain financial footholds and access any help needed when it is needed. We would expect everybody who has been a part of Aits MA to have access to this bank and be part of its beneficial support line.

Whilst there is no set closing date for new applications, the programme only has a limited amount of places. When those places are filled it will be a matter of being placed onto a waiting list, and being notified of any leavers creating vacant places.

So what do you need to do?

It is a very straight forward process to join and it only takes about 10 minutes! Once it is all set up you can walk away and leave the rest to me.

The amount you deposit into your account is entirely your choice. You can match the amounts discussed above or choose anything from £1,000 to £50,000 (We have an international fund for £50,000 and over with a guaranteed 10%. Contact if you wish to receive a prospectus). 

Remember the intention with Aits MA is to trade a £20,000 account and compund it to make a proft of £200,000 over 4-5 years. This may sound outrageous but If you have studied the AITS course you will understand how use we this method to our advantage. The amounts you acheive will vary depending on how much you invest.

Please remember that this is not a venture for me to tell you about margin, leverage, risk factors, methods of trading , money management, how to use MT4 etc! emails asking why, what how etc will be ignored. We run the AITS course for people who want to learn how we do things so if you want to know the answers to trading questions register here  (You do not have to register on the course to join AITS MA).

The reason I ask you to register on the course is so you will get to understand what trading is all about. In doing so I will have done my best to ensure you are fully aware of all the factors involved in high gain investing (the £297 per month fee is clearly expected to be covered by profits).  Any questions you have about the school can be sent  to

I hold a meet and greet session every few months so you can come andmeet me if you would like. However please, contact to find out the next meeting dates or to ensure the meeting is on!

Everybody is responsible for their own taxation advice and their understanding of the factors involved. The broker will advise the same.

So a quick recap, you open an MT4 account with AitsFX. Click  YES! GROW MY INCOME NOW! Once you have received email confirmation that your application is succesful you deposit your investment.Then, sit back and let me do the rest whilst you are happy to get the same trade results as the rest of us. And remember, my intention is to trade a £20,000 account into a £200,000 account over four-five years. Your account will be commensurate with the amount you deposit.


There are NO guarantees but once we have a profit of £20,000 (or double your account size) then your initial investment is safe provided you take the necessary steps!



Trading with leverage may not be suitable for everybody.



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Please ensure you have read and understood all of the necessary forms for the AITS MA programme.